1, What is so unique about your new service?

Global Broadband is proud to introduce “Global Dialer”. This is a mobile application, which allows users to make VoIP calls from any smart-enabled mobile device. This software will work on 3G/4G/WiFi networks. Allowing you to make more cheap International calls than before. Now, you have the flexibility to use our convenient Global Calling Cards with your Smartphone to make International calls without having to call any local access number first.

2, How do I make calls with SmartNetPhone services?

We have software clients available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Windows PC. With our software applications installed on your mobile or device, you can make high quality international calls at our low per minute calling rate.

3, Where do I get the application for my Smart Phone?

You can get the soft phone application from your smart-phone 'App' store.

For example, iPhone users would go to Apple App Store, Google users would go to the Google Play Store, etc.

4, Where do I get the application for my PC?

Click here for the installation file.

5, How to install the application on my smart-phone?

Click here for the basic installation instructions.

6, What is the rate per minute to call internationally?

Click here for a summarized list of our calling rates.

7, What is the operator code?

The operator code is 89392.

The application will not work without this code

8, SmartNetPhone is not registering on my iPhone?

You need to restart the application on your iPhone. Click here to see how to do this.

9, I'm using iOS 7 and people can't hear me when I call them?

When you install our software on iOS7, you will be asked to "Allow" microphone. If you selected "Not" during setup, then people will not hear you when you call.

To allow your microphone, please go to Settings/Privacy/Microphone. Make sure that microphone settings for "MobileDialer" is green (On).

10, Where can I see my balance or detailed calling records?

On all of our software clients, you will see your account balance on the screen. This balance will be automatically updated after each call you make.

11, I tried installing the dialer using the user name and password but was unsuccessful. Can you explain to me why?

This may have happened due to more than one reason. You would have inadvertently entered in the incorrect password or user name. Even the cases of the letters and numbers matter here. The system is case sensitive.

12, I have other questions not shown here.

Please send an email to helpdesk@gbs.co.bw for answers to your other questions.