About Us

Global Broadband Solution (GBS) is an integrated group of specialized professionals based in Botswana. We have a permanent team of highly qualified and experienced team members in all fields. They range from accounting to telecommunications experts.

GBS is a registered Internet Service Provider (ISP) licensed in 2006 in Botswana and operating since November, 2006.

GBS has been involved in the design and the supply of solutions in the telecommunication field, especially IP solutions by satellite and wireless, since its formation.

The following is summary of the some of the services that we offer. Details of the scope of each service can be provided on request.

  • 7/24 Internet service via BTC ADSL Broadband;
  • Wireless WiMAX Broadband Internet Service;
  • Intranet services;
  • Web, FTP, email and other hosting related services;
  • Video conferencing and monitoring services;
  • **Now available VoIP services for BTC Broadband customers;
  • Local area network cabling and installation;
  • Highly qualified Batswana engineers trained aboard; and - Professional, courteous and industrious staff


As you can see from our profile, GBS is here for the long-term with some long-term alliances with some the largest suppliers in the telecommunications industry. Though, we just started in Botswana, GBS has many years of experience in Africa and the owners of GBS have a strong commitment in doing business in Africa and Botswana. I hope you will choose GBS to be your Internet provider as GBS prides on emphasizing the SERVICE part of Internet Service Provider.